Monday, February 12, 2007


If you have just bought one of my Art-o-Mat pieces, Thank You.
Now share a little about yourself.
Who are you? Where are you from?
What city, state or country did you get your piece in?
What piece did you get?
Where are you going to put it, or are you going to give it to someone as a gift?
Are you one of the lucky nine people that got one of the surprises? If so what did you get?

Check out my web site to see my other
Art-O-Mat pieces and the rest of my work.

All of the Art-O-Mat photos are for sale on my website for $10.00 each. All pieces are 2 1/8 x 3 1/4
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Anonymous said... (?)

Anonymous said...

I picked up one of your Art-O-Matic pieces and love it. It is a cool idea with a very slick look. I have it at my office where most people have pictures of their kids, dogs or Dilbert comic cuttings and this Paris piece really changes things up a bit.

-Scott A.

Anonymous said...

My family went to the only Art-O-Mat in Michigan and had a blast. We drove from Holly, MI to Berkley, MI just to obtain these unique pieces of art. We got the Bridge of the Seine. It's great, we're going to put a tiny nail in the china cabinet and hang it there with other miniatures, but as if it were hanging on the wall :) Thank you for participating in this wonderful thing.

Anonymous said...

Great shots for Art-o-Mat. Do you know any locations yet?

Corey Hengen said...

My Art-O-Mat work has been placed in the following locations.

Caruso Home Accents - Berkley, MI (Detroit burb)
Kentucky Center of Performing Arts - Louisville, KY
Flying M Coffee House - Boise, ID
Clients & Profits - Bonsall, CA (LA burb)

Took said...

Hi -- I LOVE your Art-O-Mat pieces...I really LOVE the presentation of the photo on the masonite with the hanger!

I am the host the Michigan Art-O-Mat AND a fellow Art-O-Mat artist. My machine is in Berkley, MI. I live (currently) in Southfield, MI.

I randomly got "Amsterdam" and "Paris Street" for my own collection. I want to collect all of your Art-O-Mat work.

I gave one to a friend as a gift...mailing it on Monday. I will encourage her to visit this blog.

I will be hanging my pieces within my Art-O-Mat collection...I am moving soon, so they are not up on the wall at the moment.


Took Gallagher

Anonymous said...

I received your Art o Mat photo of Paris from a friend, who got it in Boise. I live in Oregon. I'm hanging it in my studio as I am a painter

Anonymous said...

I got one of your photos from an Art O Matic machine at the Whitney Museum. I am an big photography fan. Me and my family think it is realy cool. We are still trying to find a place to hang it up. I got the photo of the street in Paris
thanks corey

Amber said...


I have one of your Art-O-Matic pieces . It was a from my Aunt who had been in New York City and thought getting one of the pieces would be cool, considering they were dispensed out of an old cigarette machine. I am from Pittsburgh, PA and my relative are from York, PA. I have the picture of 'Paris Street' which I am going to keep on my desk because I am going to Europe for the first time this summer and Paris is one of the places I'm visiting.

Thanks for the cool piece of art!


Corey Hengen said...

I just got an email from my friends at Art-O-Mat;
Here's the updated list of locations where you can find my work:

Caruso Home Design - Detroit, MI
Kentucky Performing Arts Center - Louisville, KY
Clients and Profits - Bosnall, CA
Flying M Coffee House - Boise, ID
Carrburritos Restaurant - Carrboro, NC
Whitney Museum - NY, NY
Rayko - San Francisco, CA
City of Suffolk - Suffolk, VA
Chambers Hotel - Minneapolis, MN
Argentum - Wakefield, RI

Anonymous said...

Our family lives in Louisville, KY. Our children joined me at the office for Take Your Child to Work day last month. We met my wife for lunch at Jarfi's in the Kentucky Center and after lunch we discovered the Art-O-Mat in the KC lobby. (We're guessing the Art-O-Mat is a converted cigarette machine - a great example of recycling.)

Of course I couldn't turn down the kids' request to experience this unique way to acquire an original work of art. In went the portrait of Lincoln and out came a little cardboard box surprise. We received a small photograph of a street corner - it was delightful! The kids placed it prominently on my bulletin board upon our return to the office. We took turns trying to guess which city is the picture. (Would you tell us, please?) Every time I look at your work it reminds me of that nice day, our wonderful lunch and the fun experience of receiving art from such a novel delivery system. Thank you for the fun you brought us.

Anonymous said...

I just picked up Amsterdam Canal when I was at the Chambers Hotel in Minneapolis.

Corey Hengen said...

Here is the most updated list of locations where you can find my work:

Pop Deluxe - Madison, WI
Argentum - Wakefield, RI
Caruso Home - Southview, MI
Whitney Museum - NY,NY
Rayko - San Fransico, CA
City of Suffolk - Suffolk, VA
Governor's State Universtiy - University Park, IL
Bucks County Library - Doylestown, PA
Chambers Hotel - Minneapolis, MN
Charlotte Library - Charlotte, NC

Anonymous said...

Great images Corey! I love the whole concept. I'd like to make a trip out of visiting all the Art O Matic Machines.

Anonymous said...

My finace and I just got back home to Fredericksburg, VA from a trip to Minneapolis where we picked up one of your pieces at the Chambers Hotel. We're both art lovers (that's why we chose the Chambers)and were absouletly delighted by the art-o-mat there in the lobby! Thanks for giving us our favorite souviner to date!

Nicole said...

I recieved all of corey's Art-o-mat pieces as a birthday gift from corey ad his wife Maxine for my 30th birthday. All but one of the pieces hang in my new "studio" or room that I have everything in that I also make things in and use as a home office. The pieces are inspiration as well as a reminder of good friends. That one other piece, is hanging in my office - where most people have papers and files everywhere, i have the art-o-mat piece. It is my get away and surrounded with other little things picked up along the way. Thanks for sharing your eye Corey - the little pieces are little happiness for everyone.

nicole said...

moved the little pieces of happiness to the windowsill. love them there - thanks again

Anonymous said...


I got "Paris Street" from Took's Art-o-Mat that was on display at the Dancing Eye Gallery in Northville, Michigan []. I'm thinking of gluing a magnet on the back so I can attach it to a metal surface at work. My girlfriend suggested that the edge of the "frame" could be painted black to create a more formal look. Thanks for sharing your work!

Mim said...

Hi Corey. We just met at the art-o-mat swap and reunion yesterday and traded work. I got a canal in Amsterdam which makes me smile, as I love Amsterdam. It'll go on our Art-o-mat collections shelf in our living room. About me? I'm an artist, I teach sometimes, I travel, I make tiny art for the art-o-mat.

Elin said...

Who are you?
Where are you from?
New York
What city, state or country did you get your piece in?
Winston-Salem, NC (from you!)
What piece did you get?
Amsterdam Canal
Where are you going to put it, or are you going to give it to someone as a gift?
I'm going to hang it in my studio

I'll have to hit the Whitney machine and see what else I can get. Thanks a million!

Elin said...

p.s. I wasn't signed in when I left my last comment, so I'm commenting again. It was great meeting you - keep in touch. - E.

Anonymous said...

Hi Corey, My wife and I stopped by the downtown library here in Charlotte, NC on a lead that they still had an Art-o-Mat machine. (I had previously been told that it was no longer there... am I glad they were wrong!) We have been making it a point to try to visit as many of the Art-o-Mat machines as possible to collect the different artwork. We scored the Amsterdam piece and both agree that the "framing"/presentation is a very nice addition to the piece. Thanks so much for the extra effort.

We're not yet sure where we are going to display the piece--we've been considering setting up an Art-o-Mat "collection area" and it will likely go there. In the meantime we'll probably keep it displayed on our mantel with some of our other artwork.

Thanks and keep up the good work!
Blake and Charity

Lynn said...

I received my ART O MAT from the Chambers Hotel in Minneapolis from an old cigarette machine! As I opened the little box I could hardly wait to see what was inside. Imagine my surprise when I pulled it out and saw that it was a picture of a place I had been! The Amsterdam Canals were beautiful and now I have this small piece art to go with my memories. Great idea!

Anonymous said...


My name is Anna Tahinci, I am an Art Historian, who recently relocated from Paris to the Twin Cities. Imagine my surprise when I visited the Chambers Art Hotel in Minneapolis, saw the Art-O-Mat machine and chose to get one of your works. Guess which piece I got... It was the EIFFEL TOWER: le hasard fait bien les choses!

It is now on my desk, next to another Art-O-Mat piece, Christian Andrew's "Modern House in a Box"!

Thank you and best regards from Minnesota,

Anonymous said...

I am B. from Portland Oregon, currently residing in Philadelphia. I got you bridge over the water piece in Goshen, IN. I hung it up in my bathroom!

CFTres said...

I got Eiffel Tower in a Chistmas gift exchange that's a tradition in an online community that I've been part of for the last 12 years. My Secret Santa is a docent at The Walker In Minneapolis. She sent me grab bag of little gifts including a very cool volcanic rock from Iceland. I put them both on the shelf in front of my bathroom mirror. Your photo reminds me of the day I spent in Paris with my family 7 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Hey there,

I'm Jeff Stevenson, an artist and a faculty at Governors State University where an Artomat machine is located in our library.

We had a social there today and that prompted everyone to interact
with the Artomat. The piece I got is dated 6/01/07 on the wrapper, and it is "Paris Street". I'll probably save it in the box since that seems to be so much a part of the piece, and then get it out to show people.

Lisa Rosenstein said...

Hi Corey,
I got your piece at an Art-O-Mat at the Tenley Whole Foods Washington DC.
I was hanging with my son while he had a snack before his guitar lesson.

I got the Amsterdam street scene, love it!
Both my Husband and Daughter
have spent time there, so it was a nice coincidence.

Amsterdam is now hanging in my art-room.

My name is Lisa and I am a visual artist here in DC. check my blog;

catherine t overbey said...

Hi Corey,
I was at the Eiteljorg Museum in Indianapolis, Indiana( yesterday and put my money in the Art-O-Mat; picked up three of your pieces. I was lucky enough to get the Bridge over the Seine and the Amsterdam street scene and a mystery one! It is of a large church (photo in color) or temple. Where was this shot taken? I am happy to provide more details to help you remember. I am very pleased with my new art. Great format-very clever idea with the hanger. I plan to incorporate your idea into my own work.
I planned my visit to the Eiteljorg based on the fact that it has an Art-O-Mat machine. I had interest in the museum but once I learned they had a machine I was determined to get there! I am a HUGE fan of the concept and want to add my support to the project. Soooo, I bought around 18 pieces for gifts and some for myself. (And, truth be told if I had figured out what yours was all about I would have purchase way more of them. I did not look close enough I guess). Yeah, I did go a little overboard. :) I had a blast and filmed myself gettting my first piece of art from the machine! Cheers, cto

catherine t overbey said...

Found the 'mystery' is from Costa is of the Church of Cartago. Many thanks, Corey, for your great works.

Anonymous said...

I was so excited to get your piece. I had been searching for an art-o-mat for a long time and then found it in the most random Native American museum in the world. I instantly knew I wanted yours because it showed a little piece of my past: my time in Europe. And it's perfect for my black-and-white wall of pictures so I'm hanging it up right smack dab by James Dean. Thank you so much for bringing this piece into the world, it's beautiful!