Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Art O Mat Costa Rica

If you have just bought one of my new Costa Rica Art-O-Mat pieces, thank you.
Now share a little about yourself.
Who are you? Where are you from?
What city, state did you et your piece in. What piece did you get?
Where are you going to put it, or are you going to give it to someone as a gift?


Anonymous said...

I just visited my aunt and uncle's art gallery in Dallas, Art251 and picked up a piece of Art O Mat. Love the idea!
Thanks, Jennifer
Vail, Colorado

Landlocked Shores said...

I also just visited Art251 in Keller and purchased one of your pieces!!! (I live in the DFW area)
I can't tell you how exciting it was to pull the knob and see what surprise was inside!
I got a black and white photo of a waterfall... a HUGE waterfall in a tiny photo. I plan to post photos on my blog tomorrow. Would love to know where the photo was taken....this will most likely end up hung in my art/craft studio next to me Bearded Bunny Artomat loot!
Love your work!

NYC TimH2Oart said...

I visited The WHITNEY/NYC on Thursday (2/5) to pick up my latest ART-O-MAT ART. I was able to get "Basilica de Nuestra Senora de los Angeles" in Cartago, Costa Rica. Visit
for more info on "Our Lady of the Angels." A nice resolution for such a small photograph. From WIKI, Many pilgrims come to Cartago annually, to visit the national's principal church, the enormous Basílica de Nuestra Señora de Los Ángeles, on the feast day of the Virgin of the Angels (August 2). The church has a statue of the Black Madonna known as La Negrita, who supposedly had great healing powers. The sick come to her statue in hope of a miracle from La Negrita.

According to folklore in Costa Rica, the statue was found by an indigenous girl in 1635. She brought it home several times, but it mysteriously reappeared at its original site. The rock where she found it is now kept in a backroom in the basilica and is revered as a sacred relic and object of inspiration. The rock is supposed to be in the same location it was when La Negrita was found, but it has been moved as the basilica was rebuilt (see below). It is common for pilgrims to touch the rock in reverence. Thanks!

celia said...

i live in NYC and got my piece at the whitney. my niece, who is 11, loved the idea and helped me pick our selection. fun stuff!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Corey! Got a piece of your art today, a photo of the Church in Cartago. I love it, thanks! Was with my mom and 13 year old son at the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento, CA where we saw the Maxfield Parrish exhibit. Thanks again!~Julie

Luke said...

I got mine at Tiny Studio's new Art O Mat in Kalamazoo Michigan.

Anonymous said...

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